About Us

steadfastjudy.top is an online boutique for women with affordable clothing who who love fashion, accessories & gifts. Our motto is everyone deserves to feel spoiled. We also have a physical location  located in Bakersfield California. We would LOVE for you to come see us!

The Owner: 

Hello there, I am Kristi Nikkel and I started Spoiled Rotten in 2005. 

I have always loved clothes. I know most people say fashion but I just loved clothes. I love the way people show their individual style. I love pieces that can be worn different ways, on different bodies & how a pair of shoes or a necklace can completely change your look. As I got older I fell in love with accessories and now they are my "thang".  I love what I do but the people who work with me daily are my why... My 2 daughters and my SR girls who I will say are the best of the best make ShopSpoiled the success that it is today! (check the blog to see more boring personal stuff)


We want you to love you! Feel good and feel comfortable not only in clothing but your own skin... You can call us anytime, text or email. We love questions, and can help you with the fit of any piece or how to style our items with pieces you already own. If you are local come see us we have a large boutique and SR girls who would LOVE to help you. 


We are located at 10014 Rosedale Hwy. in Bakersfield, CA.  661.829.2905 (see our store hours) We do have to sleep sometimes....lol

Email us:

[email protected] (24 hours a day)

Call us:

661-829-2905 ( we DO love to chat) 



You can shop with us online and in store or visit us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat: @ShopSpoiled Tag us #ShopSpoiled #SRstyle #SRgirl